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Core Facility for Electron Microscopy

On the following pages you will find everything there is to know about CFEM.

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Welcome to the Core Facility for Electron Microscopy

 Are you considering an electron microscopy study for your research project? Do you have an idea of how electron microscopy could provide new insights for your project?

Have you already gained experience in preparing samples for electron microscopy or worked with an electron microscope and are now looking for the infrastructure for your next project?

The CFEM is happy to advise you on planning and execution or provide you with the infrastructure to carry out your EM projects!

Further information can be found here on the website.

How to analyze your samples by electron microscopy at the CFEM

  • Contact:
    Please contact us via  Open Iris oder
  • Plan Meeting:
    During this meeting, we will discuss the research questions, scope, and requirements of the project, the services offered, as well as the necessary training on the equipment.
  • User Agreement:
    After the planning meeting, a user agreement will be signed in which you accept the general user regulations of the CFEM. 
  • Open Iris registration:
    Please register with Open Iris to be able to book training sessions or microscope usage times
  • Equipment Instruction/Training:
    In an individual equipment training, we will train you on our microscopes so that you can independently examine your samples.
  • Fullservice:
    If your project is processed as a full-service, the further steps will be discussed individually. Usually, we provide you with a fixative solution and coordinate the handover of your samples. We will then embed and prepare your samples for microscope analysis and finally perform the microscopy. The resulting images will be provided to you, and further steps will be planned accordingly."